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About Me

Jessica Yoo is a copywriter and editor based in Richmond, VA with a love of words and a predisposition to exceed expectations.

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In short (and at 5'3"), I’m a writer and editor with affinities for: 

  • Any kind of incisive writing
  • Eating (almost) anything, especially dessert
  • Reading a damn good book, gorgeous fashion and thought-provoking art


  • Born and raised in Queens; educated in Baltimore; worked in NYC and Philly; currently living in Richmond
  • Named after a pair of famous blonde twins (literature-wise) and appropriately enough, am a Gemini
  • Have watched The Wire at least four times

Known for being:

  • Overprepared by nature
  • Thrives under pressure
  • A grammar queen who has edited almost everything under the sun including quarterly earnings reports and a whiskey guide

For a brief history of time, download my résumé or find me on LinkedIn.



Not having an Instagram as a millennial may seem like blasphemy, but for 10 years and counting, I've always loved documenting my life via photos.