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Friendly's Ice Cream

A range of work in digital, print and more for Friendly’s Ice Cream.


Working in every facet of digital marketing, I helped produce content for this beloved ice cream brand upon its acquisition by Dean Foods to not only elevate the brand's creative output, but also increase its visibility on all fronts.

Agency: Netplus Marketing
Creative Partners: Colleen ReeseMelanie TaubeShannon Tang & Brittany Schoonover




Working with Hone Studio, we produced an array of digital commercials to both showcase product beauty and convey usage occasions in line with target audiences. I wrote all the scripts and text overlays as well as worked closely with Hone in the voiceover recording process and the final editing of the videos.



To support the launch of their new products, Naturally Friendly's and Signature Sundaes, Dean Foods asked us to create print ads and freestanding inserts (FSIs) to further boost consumer awareness in traditional media. By marrying each product's distinct value proposition with its taste appeal, we satisfied the client's needs and then some—when they asked to create some more ads the following year.



In addition to helping revamp their website to solidify their place in the digital landscape, I collaborated with our senior designer to add a digital recipe center where all types of consumers could find a wide variety of recipes we had previously showcased only on social media. The result: a streamlined hub of content demonstrating the versatility of their products for any occasion. 



From brainstorming ideas and writing copy decks to QAing the final results, I served as the lead writer for all of the brand's email and social media marketing efforts.





Of course, a solid digital strategy wouldn't be complete without marketing on relevant platforms beyond those owned by the brand. Case in point: promoting Friendly's premium ice cream cakes on social planning website Evite as well as creating a brand landing page on Walmart.com. Animated and static display banners were another effective means to engage target audiences while putting Friendly's ice cream products front and center.