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Netplus Marketing

A range of copywriting and editorial work for Netplus Marketing.


In addition to serving as a copywriter for their various clients, I also provided my skills as a writer, editor and creative problem solver to help elevate Netplus' own brand as a digital marketing agency. From writing and editing copy for their new website to composing employee bios or social copy on the fly, I was always readily available, no matter the ask or deadline. 

Creative Partners: Colleen Reese & Melanie Taube



In the spring of 2017, I was tasked with overhauling the agency's blog in terms of content, style and the range of contributors. Accordingly, I not only created and managed an editorial calendar and coordinated tasks for fellow colleagues, but also edited and published all content as well as wrote social copy to help promote its visibility. The result: over 50 blog posts published in the span of a year.


Below is a sampling of some of the blog posts I wrote myself.



I also provided writing and editorial support when it came to biz dev campaigns. One in particular was Digital Lifelines. Imagined as a cheeky, fun way to keep the agency top-of-mind for marketers who needed help with their 2018 planning, we created a microsite to give them the support they needed, whether it was a laugh, some inspiration or our contact info. Writing relatable captions for funny GIFs and memes was definitely the highlight of the project for me.

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To further the agency's presence among food and beverage brands, the director of content strategy and I also created a weekly newsletter providing a compilation of the latest news in the food and beverage, restaurant and consumer packaged goods industries. I came up with the name of the newsletter, Digital Bites, and helped curate and write content.