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Steven Singer Jewelers

A range of work in email, paid search and more for Steven Singer Jewelers.


A local jewelry company known in the greater Philadelphia area for its unusual tagline and male-focused targeting in a typically female-oriented market, Steven Singer Jewelers tasked us with growing their business and increasing their e-commerce traffic across the U.S. and Canada. With a robust digital strategy that included not only multiple channels to drive sales, but also focused efforts on the biggest buying occasions and unique, provocative creative, the results were unmistakable: record sales year after year. 

Agency: Netplus Marketing
Creative Partners: Colleen Reese & Melanie Taube




With Valentine's Day and the holiday season being the busiest buying occasions and as a result, our biggest campaigns, a consistent flow of dynamic emails with sales drivers like urgency messaging and value propositions were indispensable in reaching our target goals. Below is just a taste of some emails I wrote over the last several campaigns. 








Updating the brand's homepage was also essential to keep content fresh and audiences informed and engaged since the emails would direct them to the site. It was also necessary to remain flexible throughout the campaign periods to the client's ever-changing inventory and priorities since those dictated the creative we'd highlight. Below is the homepage during the most recent Valentine's Day campaign that I helped produce. 



Whether it was for general brand awareness, promoting brand-specific offers or ramping up on a particular campaign, I wrote a wide range of paid search copy that ultimately made clicks turn into transactions. 


52% CTR

43% CTR

49% CTR

43% CTR

46% CTR

100% CTR

47% CTR

51% CTR



Eye-catching display ads were also a component in each campaign to maximize our media budget and geo-target the right kinds of audiences on the most optimal platforms. When the client requested that for Valentine's Day we feature their new Frozen 24k Gold-Dipped Rose, I took the lead on concepting and writing copy for an animated banner that was striking and impactful.